Loyalty in the Game

by | Oct 14, 2022 | From the Desk of Nery Junior

Loyalty in the Game

Nery Junior Loyalty in the Game

You start your real estate business and you are super excited. You tell your friends and family that are as equally as excited as you. They become your first clients.

Time goes by and you acquire more clients. You buy and sell quite a few properties and you put out as many marketing materials as you can. Everything is going well. The future looks bright.

Then one day you see on Facebook that one of your former clients is looking to sell their home. They jump online and post, asking for recommendations… they’re asking their friends and family if anyone knows of a good real estate agent. You feel like you’ve been punched in the gut.

“Duh! I’m right here!” you internally shout.

The questions fly. Did I make them angry? Were they unhappy with their last transaction? Did you annoy them? Did they simply just forget about you?

The answer could be yes to any of these questions. You may question them or you may not. Either way, you question their loyalty.

But here it is. There is no 100% loyalty in the game. Some may be loyal. Some may not be.

Whatever the case may be. This happens in the game. This happens in the jungle, and as I like to always say, “Welcome to the jungle, baby.” It’s rough.

Though the jungle is tough, what I’ve learned is that you can’t stay there. You have to keep running through the jungle. Through the vines, the trees, the panthers, and the snakes. You have to keep running with a machete in one hand and a heart full of courage.

Some may not be loyal to you, but as 2pac said, you have to be, “Loyal to the Game.”

So onward my friend. Don’t let the snake’s venom run through your veins. Pick up and go. You are made of strong material.

Welcome to the jungle, baby.

-Nery Junior