Speed is the Name of the Game

by | Apr 18, 2023 | From the Desk of Nery Junior

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Speed is the Name of the Game

It’s Nery Junior here, and I wanted to talk to you about the importance of speed in business. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my years of experience, it’s that the faster you move, the more successful you’ll be.

Let me ask you a question. When was the last time you hesitated on a decision or took your time to think things through? I’m willing to bet it wasn’t that long ago. But here’s the thing: in business, hesitation can be deadly. 

Opportunities come and go in the blink of an eye, and if you’re not quick to capitalize on them, you’ll miss out.

That’s why I always say that speed is the name of the game. You have to be willing to move fast, make quick decisions, and take action immediately. When you move quickly, you’ll be able to seize opportunities that others miss, and you’ll be able to stay ahead of the competition.

Now, I know what you might be thinking. “But Nery, what about taking the time to make thoughtful decisions?” Look, I’m not saying you should make reckless decisions without thinking them through. What I am saying is that you should be able to make decisions quickly, without getting bogged down in analysis paralysis.

So, if you want to be successful in business, you have to be willing to move quickly. Don’t let hesitation hold you back, and don’t let fear of failure stop you from taking action. 

Remember, speed is the name of the game.

Keep crushing it!