5 Instagram Sticker Ideas for Businesses

by | Nov 3, 2022 | Newsletter, Why This Matters

5 Instagram Sticker Ideas for Businesses

We post on Instagram regularly. From photos to videos, Instagram has allowed businesses and people to post what they like and what they’re promoting. In the hustle and bustle of creating content for social media or trying to promote our businesses, sometimes it’s easy to forget social media’s main focus… engagement and connection. Connecting and engaging with our audiences should be a vital part of our social media marketing plans. But, how do we achieve connections? How do we get our audience to engage with us? 

One of the ways to help our audiences engage is through utilizing Instagram’s built-in story feature called Stickers. What are Stickers on Instagram?  Stickers are motion or nonmotion graphic elements that can be added to both images and videos in your stories. These stickers could range from a variety of looks and features. Below we’ll unpack five of our favorites for engaging your audience!

1. Questions

Questions is one of our favorite stickers inside Instagram Stories and is the easiest one to use. Nothing engages someone more than asking them an open-ended question that compels them to answer. What should you ask? That’s up to you! Look at some of the questions that would rise in your business and present them out there. Some of the answers may surprise you, make you laugh, or even get you thinking! Don’t forget to share your responses after!

2. Poll

Want a quick way for your audience to engage with you? Try a Poll. Do you own a coffee shop? Ask people which they prefer; Coffee with Creamer or Coffee Without Creamer? Launching a new product? Let your audience in on the outcome. For example, let’s say you’re launching a new shirt, put up two designs, and ask your audience which they prefer. Your audience love being part of the process, and ultimately the products are for them, so let’s let them in on the decision-making process!

3. Emoji Slider

We all love emojis, right? Well, most of us do. Even if you do or you don’t, there’s no denying that emojis have taken over the way we communicate. From texting to emails, it looks like emojis are here to stay for a while, so let’s leverage it a little. Inside of stories, there’s a cool feature called Emoji Slide which allows your audience to slide their emoji from left to right. You could pose a question or statement, choose the emoji you’d like, and have your audience slide it to their liking. This is kind of like the polling idea, but makes it a little more fun!

4. Link

For a while, this feature was reserved for those accounts that had 10,000+ followers. This allowed you to place a URL link inside of your story. The link feature is no longer reserved for the bigger accounts and now is open to everyone to use. 

This is GREAT for businesses in order to drive traffic to your website, landing page, or anywhere else you’d like to send your audience. Launching a new website? Selling a product? Wrote a new blog? Leverage this feature and drive your audience to your website!

5. Product

Here is another traffic-driving sticker, Product. The Product sticker allows you to place a product from your shop inside of your IG Story given that you have an IG Shop. If you are a business that sells physical products, we highly recommend that you have an IG Shop as it allows your customers to purchase directly from Instagram reducing the buyer’s journey, and getting them to the checkout page much quicker! 

After you’ve set up your IG Shop, leverage using the Product sticker to drive traffic to a specific item in your store. Have a shirt coming out? Place a sticker in your stories for it! Have old inventory you need to clear? Place a sticker in your stories for it and drive those sales!

In Conclusion…

Stickers could be a fun and easy way for you to interact with your audience! Consider using and leveraging them to engage and stay connected. We suggest using one every day and keeping your social calendar full!

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