What is Digital Marketing?

by | Dec 16, 2021 | Newsletter, Why This Matters

Ever Asked Yourself “What is Digital Marketing?”

You’re not alone. Whether you’ve been in business for years or are brand new to business, you’ve definitely heard of the term, Marketing. But, in the past few years, we’ve heard the buzzword “Digital Marketing” being thrown around in the marketplace. But what exactly is Digital Marketing? In this Video, Nery Junior, breaks down the basic concept of What is Digital Marketing and you should be considering it in your business.

Watch the video below on “What is Digital Marketing?”

Watched the Video?

Now that you’ve watched the video, what are your thoughts on Digital Marketing? Is it something that you’re looking to implement in your business or do you prefer the old-school styles of marketing? 


We believe that Digital Marketing is the name of the game when it comes to marketing. Why? It comes back to the simple belief we have here at 7efex that we Go To Where the Attention is. We live in a world where we are constantly on our phones, tablets, and computers. Even when we watch certain TV Shows, we are now consuming them through our digital devices connected to the internet, and we don’t see that trend changing any time soon. Because of this, we believe it’s important to leverage the internet and where people are consuming information. We believe that if you want to grow your business that you should do the same.

Good Luck & Good Marketing!

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